Bliss Body Yoga

Restorative Yoga with Massage with Meg Flaherty


 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm



We know the value of restorative yoga; we understand the benefits of massage… combining the two is about as blissful as it gets. Come and enjoy yourself in a relaxing and healing practice, learning techniques you can bring home to come back to.

Meg will guide you through simple, yet effective self-massage and yoga self-assist techniques. You’ll feel the healing power of your own hands, as well as in utilizing props: tennis balls, yoga blocks, bolsters, and sandbags. Meg will offer to assist you with massage therapy, healing touch, and reiki energy throughout the entire workshop. You will hold sustainable, comfortable poses, focus your awareness on mindful breathing, and explore thoughtful self-care. We will focus on the back, from neck and shoulders to hips. As well, we will address triggers found in the arms and legs, and also give the face, head, hands, and feet a little love. Aromatherapy will also be offered.

Completely reset and recharge with a 15 minute savasana (with blankets and boosters or legs up the wall, receiving a mini massage). 

Class size is limited to 14. Pre-registration is highly suggested.