Bliss Body Yoga

Empower Your Vinyasa – see Classes tab to register with Mary Scudella

Date: 6/14/2019

From: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Please sign up under the “Classes” tab for this offering. You can use your class pass, membership, or drop-in for $15 for this class.


Our yoga practice can relax us, help to center us, and it can make us feel strong­čĺ¬.

In the age of “me too” and female empowerment, we are hearing more and more incredible female musicians who are uncovering what it means to be powerful women. Women who are strong and fight against stereotypes; women who are vulnerable and unlock the truth deep within; women who share their darkness to reveal the light. Really, women who are not afraid to be women.

These songs tap into the secret power within each of us. Hearing these songs inspires us, breaks open our hearts, and gives us strength to fight our own battles. Surrounding yourself in this music within your yoga practice supercharges the feminine power within each of us. Join Mary for these special extended Vinyasa Flow practices  designed to unlock the divine feminine withinÔÖÇ.

Each class offered will focus on a particular timeframe in music (ie – 1990’s, 2010’s, etc.). Please see weekly announcements for the current offering.