Bliss Body Yoga

Sound Bath and Meditation Workshop with Melissa Hall


5:45 pm – 7:00 pm



Come relax into the support of the Earth and bathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to nourish your entire being! This workshop is an acoustic journey that relaxes the mind, activates the body’s natural energetic healing system, and relieves stress and stagnant energy blocks.

Did you know that sound travels over 4 times faster in water than air. Our bodies are 70% water by volume

Water accounts for 99% of the molecules in the body

All of these facts combine to make us the perfect vessel for receiving the gifts of sound and using it to create a potent healing modality.

We will incorporate tuning forks, tingshas, and crystal bowls with a guided meditation into and out of the session. No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary – everyone is welcome. We will make ourselves comfortable on our yoga mats with bolsters, blankets and props to create a supportive and relaxing environment. We will remain in these restorative positions for the majority of the session. Please come well hydrated to take maximum benefit of this experience.


I want to feel good: Health & Ayurveda Series with Rachel Wright


$150 for the 4 workshop series

$40 per individual workshop

If you wish to participate in all 4 workshops in this series listed below then purchase the $150 workshop series option and we will add you to all 4 classes. 

February 1st 7-9pm

February 15th 7-9pm

March 8th 7-9pm

March 29th 7-9pm

Tired of feeling tired? Do you want to thrive rather that survive? Come learn how to build habits and rituals that protect you from disease and enliven your best self. Each session will include handouts to help you continue your journey on your own at home.

Friday, February 1st 7:00-9:00pm: Ojas, Ama, and Doshas, Oh My!

In this workshop you’ll learn what exactly the doshas are, what your individual dosha is, and how that information can be helpful in your day to day life. We’ll focus attention on ways to create more life force or ojas, and diminish ama, or toxicity, in the body. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your individual self through the lens of ayurveda and have practices to take home that create more mindfulness and ojas!


Friday, February 15th 7-9pm: Healthy Sleep & Daily Rituals for Vibrant Health
Waking up around 2am? Can’t get to sleep? Feeling groggy? Western Medicine agrees that sleep is even more important than the food we eat. Let’s learn how to get your body to rest so you can feel fully alive!

Friday, March 8th 7-9pm: Food & Meditation for Wellness
What’s medicine for one person can be poison to another. Let’s get clear on who you are, what you need to be eating, and how to keep connected to sources that support your health.

Friday, March 29th 7-9pm: Stop illness in its tracks
Nothing comes from nowhere. The better we understand what illness and disease are, the more wise we can be with their prevention. We’ll get clear about the stages of disease, how to recognize them, and how to stop disease in its tracks.