Bliss Body Yoga

Assists, Adjustments & Modifications for Teachers – Propapalooza Pt. 2

with Mary Scudella


3:00 pm – 6:00 pm



*You do NOT have to attend Pt. 1 in order to attend Pt. 2 of Propapalooza!

As yoga teachers, our first responsibility is to encourage our students to practice safely. There are no two human bodies that are the same (beyond identical twins at birth), and so every individual student needs to be treated with the utmost care for their personal needs. This is true whether a teacher works one-on-one with a client or teaches a class of 50 students. To this end, teachers need a multitude of options at our disposal to assist, adjust, and modify postures for our students. Propapalooza Pt. 2 is a workshop that will help teachers to recognize when a student needs support, options to give that support, and what to do when students are resistant to a teacher’s offerings.

Mary Scudella, E-RYT-500 has extensive training on anatomy, alignment, and adjustments. Her work with students is hands-on. Mary will put you at ease in assessing students’ needs and in how you can best serve your clients.