Bliss Body Yoga

Postnatal Reset Workshop with Alexandra DeSiato


 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm



Whether you’re six weeks postpartum or six years, this is the workshop for you. Post-pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and hips can benefit from integrative poses and movements to get rocking again. In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll discuss the changes your abs and hips have undertaken, and then we’ll move through a series of useful core-engagement poses and hip strengtheners to reawaken the ability of your body. And if you have tight and tired shoulders, you’ll learn useful ways to find relief. You’ll leave with a handout of movements you can do on your own at home to continue your strengthening journey. This is a workshop that will get you feeling a bit more like the old you!

I want to feel good: Health & Ayurveda Series with Rachel Wright



March 29th 7-9pm

Tired of feeling tired? Do you want to thrive rather that survive? Come learn how to build habits and rituals that protect you from disease and enliven your best self. Each session will include handouts to help you continue your journey on your own at home.

Friday, March 29th 7-9pm: Stop illness in its tracks
Nothing comes from nowhere. The better we understand what illness and disease are, the more wise we can be with their prevention. We’ll get clear about the stages of disease, how to recognize them, and how to stop disease in its tracks.