Bliss Body Yoga

Introduction to Alignment – 5 Week Series with Zach Mckinney

Introduction to Alignment – 5 Week Series with Zach Mckinney

5-week series, March 17th – April 14th 

Sundays: 5:45-7:15pm


$75 for the entire 5-week series

$17 to drop in

Yoga is an ancient science, one meant to help bring the body and mind into harmony. To do this requires discipline and knowledge, sometimes gained through experience and sometimes from a teacher. Learning how to align our bodies and minds to our optimal blueprint is a life-long task that involves self-work and intense study. This workshop will give the basics of alignment, from how to place your hands and feet, to learning about the curves of the spine and alignment ‘myths’ that we need to ignore. Students will leave with a deeper understanding of their own bodies and general rules for alignment that can be applied in all poses. 

Week 1, March 17: Setting the Foundation

  • This first week of the series will focus on how to generally align the hands, arms, legs, and feet (the peripheral body) in a variety of poses. We will focus on creating tone in the muscles, ways to increase awareness in our bodies, and how to make sure we aren’t over-working any one action.

Week 2, March 24th: Creating Curves

  • Working off the strength and stability we created in the first week, we will take this journey to the hips and spine to create natural curves. There are many ideas about what the spine should look like and how to support it, we will talk about the “J-Spine” and how this shape helps relieve back pain and balance our bodies.

Week 3, March 31st: Aligning in Standing Poses

  • Learning to align standing poses translates off the mat to better posture and better habits for supporting yourself. This means less back and shoulder pain! This week we will build off what we learned in the first part of the series to find new ways to support ourselves in standing poses.

Week 4, April 7th: Aligning in Backbends

  • Backbends can be scary poses, they’re uncomfortable and slow to progress. This week we will break down backbends to their basic form and work up from there. Not only will we learn how to feel more comfortable in backbends, we’ll learn how to use them as therapeutic poses! Working with alignment isn’t about going to a deeper pose, it’s about going deeper in the pose you’re already in.

Week 5, April 14th: Aligning Forward Folds and Twists

  • Folds and twists help to ground our physical and energetic bodies. They can aid digestion and help us sleep, as well as relieve low-back pain. Using the work from the previous week we will learn how to move from our core, the pelvis and spine, instead of just our arms and legs. Gaining mobility in the spine and pelvis help keep us young and healthy!