Sound & Gong Bath Meditation Workshop with Melissa Hall


Date: 11/12/2023

From: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Premium members will receive a 20% discount on this workshop when registering.

This workshop will take place in the studio.

Nourish yourself on a Sunday evening as you bathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to relax your entire being!

Come experience an ancient, multi-dimensional sound immersion! This is a radical acoustic journey with tremendous transformative power. A 24″ gong delivers deep vibrational resonances and complex harmonics that extend an invitation to shed dissonant energy, liberate blocked energy, and attune to your best and most vital self. Of all the sound healing instruments, gongs are most well known for entrainment – the ability to synchronize brainwaves and offer the nervous system a profound reset.

This workshop centers around the gong and incorporates other sound implements such as a rain stick, chimes, tuning forks, tingshas, and crystal bowls with a guided meditation into and out of the session.

Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket or two and come well hydrated to take maximum benefit of this experience. Props are available for purchase at the studio, as well. We  supply bolsters, blocks, and straps for shared use in our classes.