Bliss Body Yoga

Yoga for Anxiety Relief Series

January 7th-28th
Sundays, 1:30-3:30pm

$120 if you register by January 3rd, $130 after January 3rd

This special class series will be co-taught by Barbara Vosk and Jen Davis. Come experience the many ways yoga practices can help you manage anxiety. You will learn breathing practices to help calm the body, and meditative ways of working with anxious thoughts. Each two-hour class in the series will include a gentle and restorative yoga practice, allowing you to embody the relaxation experiences. Teachings about the seeds of anxious thinking will provide opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion along the way. This series is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners.
Session 1, Jan. 7th: Origins of anxiety in the nervous system, recognizing your body/mind responses, and
learning the relaxation breath.
Session 2, Jan. 14th: Recognizing the connection between thoughts, beliefs and your anxiety responses. Identifying your narrative and exploring ways to manage thoughts.
Session 3, Jan, 21st: Understanding how patterns of thought are created in pathways in the brain and
learning how to establish new patterns.
Session 4, Jan 28th: Mindfulness meditation practices and integration practice.