Bliss Body Yoga

Happy Hips In-Studio Workshop with Zach Mckinney


Saturday 6/19/2021
From: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

This workshop will take place in the studio with Covid protocols followed.

Did you know there are two halves to your pelvis? Did you know they can move independently of each other? In this class we will work to isolate, open, and strengthen the muscles supporting the hips, along with finding pelvic movement to help connect us to our lower body. We will work through the common hip opening poses encountered in a normal class (and some deeper ones), as well as a variety of standing poses, twists, and forward folds to open the low body. Going beyond the physical, we will talk about how the first and second chakras work in our bodies and how we can help bring them into balance. This class is ideal for any level of practice and we encourage anyone with “tight hips” to attend.