Bliss Body Yoga

Finding Sukha: Cultivate Serenity & Ease in Your Practice with Meg Flaherty

Date: 12/8/2019

From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm



Enjoy yourself, through an ease-filled practice; grounding and expanding your body, mind, and heart. Through breath and presence in form, true space in your head and heart will be found and felt. Enjoy gentle yoga poses focusing on opening hips, shoulders, back, and chest/heart with assists. We will explore simple and effective techniques through breath, meditation, hand expression, and movement.

Quieting your mind, and trusting the energy of your subtle body and heart will allow you to celebrate your space and ease. A few sweet items will be used through practice, and taken home, providing you resources to come back to again and again, to deepen your connection with yourself.