Ayurveda & Yoga : How to Take Good Care of You – A Weekend Immersion with Rachel Wright


Sept 22-24, 2023

Fri night: 7-9pm

Sat: 3-7pm

Sun: 12-4pm

Cost: $250 for the entire weekend. 

Sign up midnight on September 11th for the early bird price of $235.

Preregistration is required.

Come join a weekend of self care and learning. Discover how to weave the knowledge of Ayurveda into your day to day living. You’ll learn your dosha, why it matters, and so much more. You’ll leave this training with recipes, practical practices, and a lot more knowledge. All levels of yoga experience are welcome and all information will be taught in a beginner friendly and accessible manner.

Friday Night: A nourishing and restful Ayurvedic Yoga class designed to create balance and ease. This special practice will include oils, drums, breath, movement, and guided meditation.

Saturday: Learn the basics of Ayurveda as we talk through philosophy, doshas, nutrition, and the individual self.

We will cover:

the history of Ayurveda

the world view of Ayurveda

the concepts of ojas & ama

how sleep dictates health

the root cause of disease

the doshas

your own personal dosha

your current state of balance/imbalance

the doshas in time of day

the doshas in seasons

the doshas in life stages

how to use nature as medicine

how to use food as medicine

how to use movement as medicine

the six tastes

tools for balancing digestion

how to eat for your dosha

the pillars of health

the 6 stages of disease

how to read your body’s clue

Sunday: We’ll dive into the dinacharya or daily self care practices from Ayurveda and create action plans for moving forward. We’ll close our time together with a deeply restful practice that includes mantra, mudra, breathe, yoga asana, and a singing bowl meditation.

Learn the Ayurvedic way to care for:






Mental Wellbeing


Teeth & Gums


This weekend will cover a lot of information. There will be visual aids to help make it as digestible as possible. There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation!