Arms, Shoulders, & Neck – Yoga for Functional Movement and Relief with Mary Scudella


Sunday:   10/17/2021
From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Premium members: email us at at least 24 hours before the scheduled workshop to receive a 20% member discount. We will register you on our end.

This workshop will take place in the studio with Covid protocols followed – vaccinations required and masks required per Raleigh mandate.

Pain in the neck? Shoulders feel shrugged? This workshop is for you. We will attend to the upper body with mindfulness and precision of movement to develop better posture and work out the kinks that create pain and fatigue. Through small movements that isolate which muscles should and shouldn’t work we will undo movements that create pain and learn healthy pattern that heal.

This is the part of the body that opens us up to others through handshakes, hugs, and communication.  Bringing the upper body into balance enables us to make healthy, happy connections with other and to our inner guides.

It is a good idea to have a yoga blanket or large beach towel for this workshop.

All levels are invited to this workshop, even if you have shoulder or neck challenges. Just make sure that you have your doctor’s okay to practice yoga.

CEU’s are available to yoga teachers for this workshop.

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