Bliss Body Yoga

Family Yoga with Tina Rodgers



3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


$20 – For families of up to 4 members

$30 – For families of up to 6 members

Space is limited and pre-registration is requested.


Yoga is a wonderful family activity and creates a bonding experience for both kids and parents! In this special class, we will focus on partner poses, yoga games, and  breathing and relaxation techniques. This particular family class is geared to children ages 4-10, but certainly can be flexible if members of your family don’t fall in that age range. Sign up to reserve your spot!



Restore, Retune, and Refresh for the Holidays with Mary Scudella


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm




The holidays are upon us. Give yourself (and someone you love) an early gift this year! This time of year can be very hectic, taking a toll on our bodies and minds. We get so busy and can cause our bodies to get “out of tune.” Just like everything around us, we are vibrational beings. When we feel sluggish, agitated or out of sync it is a sign that we need to retune our bodies and spirits. In this workshop, Mary will lead you into restorative yoga postures that support the energy centers of the body (the chakras). While in each posture, she will offer you Young Living Essential Oils and perform Tuning Fork Therapy on each chakra to create a sense of balance and harmony. This workshop will leave you feeling refreshed and serene, ready to face the holidays and 2019!

Please register in advance for this workshop so that Mary can have the necessary oils for all participants. Essential oils will be available to purchase and make a wonderful holiday gift for anyone seeking balance and prosperity in their lives.