Yin Yoga Deep Release with Therapy Balls – see Classes tab to register with Renée Balyoz


Date: 10/8/2023

From: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Please register for this class under the “Classes” Tab. Use your class pass, membership or drop in for $18

Repetitive movement patterns and old injuries can create pain or blockages in the body. This special Yin Yoga practice focuses on therapy ball deep tissue work to further relieve tension in your physical and mental body. Yin Yoga releases the tighter tissues in the body such as ligaments, joints, and fascia. The use of a therapy ball will enhance the release focusing energy and pressure where it is most needed. Gentle movements in between stillness will aid to move the energy and blood and refresh the body.

Bliss Body Yoga will supply the therapy balls so there is no need to gather extra props. Please bring your mat and a blanket or large beach towel to this practice.