Immersive Gong Sound Bath with Melissa Hall


Date: 7/28/2024

From: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Nourish yourself as you bathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to relax your entire being! This workshop is an acoustic journey that relaxes the mind, activates the body’s innate healing systems, and relieves stress and stagnant energetic blocks.

Did you know that?

Sound travels over 4 times faster in water than air
Our bodies are 70% water by volume
Water accounts for 99% of the molecules in the body

All of these facts combine to make us the perfect vessel for receiving the gifts of sound and using it to create a potent healing modality.

This offering centers around a 24” gong. It weaves in other complimentary instruments and a guided meditation into and out of the session.

Come experience an ancient, multi-dimensional sound immersion! This is a radical acoustic journey with tremendous transformative power. A 24″ gong delivers deep vibrational resonances and complex harmonics that extend an invitation to shed dissonant energy, liberate blocked energy, and attune to your best and most vital self. Of all the sound healing instruments, gongs are most well known for entrainment – the ability to synchronize brainwaves and offer the nervous system a profound reset.

No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary. Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket or two so that you are comfortable during the practice. You are encouraged to bring pillows, eye covers, or anything else that allows you to create a supportive and relaxing environment. We supply bolsters, blocks, sandbags, and straps for shared use in our classes. Props are available for purchase at the studio, as well. We will remain in these restorative positions for the majority of the session. If the floor is not an accessible space, you are invited to bring a portable chair to this sound experience. We encourage participants to come well hydrated to take in the maximum benefit of this experience.