Better Sleep through Yin & Yoga Nidra with Roxane Banville


Date: 6/27/2024

From: 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm


A special 75 minute class which combines 3 powerful ways to improve your quality of sleep, counter stress and prevent stress-related illness. We begin with a simple and calming breathing exercise, to help you disengage from distracting thoughts and sensations, followed by Yin yoga which is done laying down and designed to release tension and tightness in your body. We then transition to Yoga Nidra – known as sleep yoga – a guided body scan which impacts the area of your brain responsible for REM sleep.

Very accessible to all levels and no prior yoga experience necessary. We recommend you bring a blanket or large towel for added comfort.

  • Decide the day of event: In Studio or Livestream!  (An email will be sent to all registered students the day of the event with a link join Livestream the class. The link will be accessible an hour before class time. For those Live-streaming, please have 2 blocks, a strap, a bolster. If you plan to attend in studio, you can simply ignore the livestream email.)

Premium members will receive a 20% discount on this workshop when registering. Non-Members who sign up 5 days prior to the workshop will receive a $5 discount. Discounts can not be combined.