Bliss Body Yoga

Arm Balancing Workshop with Jen Fisher (Bluestone)

Date: 11/9/2019

From: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm



Join Jen Fisher for this fun and empowering 2 hour practice that will teach you the fundamentals of arm balancing from the ground up. So often, students rely on force when attempting arm balances, rather than understanding the mechanics. We will break down poses such as crow, side crow, flying pigeon, grasshopper, eight-angle pose, shoulder-pressing pose and firefly.

The first portion of class will be used to warm up the body, activate the core, open the shoulders and focus on balance. We will then dive in to playing with arm balances. This is important! We must meet these poses with a playful attitude and understand that without falling, we never get the opportunity to rise again. The learning and beauty is in the process, and in trying new things, and what better time than now? So, come fly!