Bliss Body Yoga

Yoga & Journal Making with Meg Flaherty


 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm



You’ll begin this workshop with a sweet blank journal… and leave with a beauty-filled, inspirational, and therapeutic tool that will allow you to truly carry your yoga with you off of your mat. You will be provided various resources to include in your personal book, from collage materials to paints (think adult art class!).

A fun way to deepen your practice, journaling is a powerful mode of self-expression, reflection, and growth. You will have a place to document your yoga practice, and elaborate on intentions, themes, concepts, thoughts, and feelings that you cultivate on your mat. A blank page, let alone a blank book can be intimidating and uninspiring. So, give yourself this gift that will encourage you to expand your practice in an artistic and original way.

We will begin the workshop with a short guided meditation that will allow you to stretch through your heart and mind, to set your intention, and visualize your art and love-filled journal. Throughout the two hours, we will take short breaks, to stretch through our bodies with gentle yoga.

We will explore through discussion and activities, various techniques to truthfully and creatively express through journaling. You will sprinkle throughout your journal words of inspiration, quotes, collage, colors, and textures, which will sweetly guide you through the pages (like an ongoing vision board). Your journal will encourage you to document your practice; physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will have a sacred space to come to, to get lost in, to be found in.

Supplies included in cost.