Bliss Body Yoga


In the event of a scheduling conflict or missed class, students will be assigned makeup work. Students cannot miss more than one full weekend of training. In the event of inclement weather, training will be held virtually on Zoom. We will determine the need to switch online based on student and teacher’s ability to safely commute to the studio in instances of snow/ice.

Join us for a free information session on July 22nd at 7:15pm to meet our lead trainers and learn more about the program. Sign up for free here.

2022 Dates

7-9 and 21-23

4-6 and 25-27

4-6 and 18-20

8-10 and 29-May 1



Fridays – 6:30-9:30pm
Saturdays – 11:00am-5:30pm
Sundays – 9:00am-5:30pm

Sample Training Schedule

Weekend 1
Friday 6:30-9:30pm Welcome to training & intention setting  Experiential Practice (Ahimsa)
Saturday 11:00am – 1:00pm  Reflection discussion “What Yoga Means to You”  Experiential Practice, Partner Yoga 
1:00-2:00pm: Lunch break 
2:00 – 5:30pm  2:00-4:00pm: Introduction to Yoga Philosophy: 8 limbs of Yoga, Yamas & Niyamas, and Book 2 of Yoga Sutras 
4:00-5:30pm: Yogi Lifestyle lecture & discussion 

Sunday 9:00am-12:00pm Alignment of Surya Namaskar A  Learning to teach Surya Namaskar A Introduction to Vinyasa Krama/Sequencing with Mary
12:00-1:00pm: Lunch break
1:00-5:30pm 1:00-3:00pm Durga Pranayama 3 part breath  Discussion: Applying Yamas & Niyamas in daily life 
3:00-3:15pm: Break
3:15pm – 5:30pm: Practice teaching Surya A in pairs