Bliss Body Yoga

Intelligent Alignment Teacher Training with Zach Mckinney

March 22nd – 24th

$225 Early bird pricing if you register by March 12th

$250 after March 12th


Training times:

Friday, March 22nd 7:00-9:30pm

Saturday, March 23rd 3:00-5:30pm

Sunday, March 24th 1:00-3:30pm

Yoga Teachers earn 7.5 CEUs for this training. This training is appropriate for yoga teacher and students interested in learning more about alignment.

Instead of blaming yoga poses for our injuries and pain, what if we used them to heal our bodies? This weekend training will give you the knowledge to use poses to your benefit, but it will also delve into how to change our daily patterns off the mat. We spend much more time off of the mat and we have to learn what it feels like when we are out of alignment. How we sit, walk, and breathe effect our overall body health and state of mind. This training will remind us that Yoga isn’t just about poses but a path to healing.

Friday, March 22nd: Lower Body, Knees and Hips

Standing, sitting, or walking, our feet and legs rarely get a break. This session will discuss lower body principles for aligning the legs, relieving knee pain, and connecting our legs to the rest of our body.

Saturday, March 23rd: Upper Body, Shoulders & Neck

Whether we’re at work, home, or in between our society is trained to sit for hours. Prolonged sitting causes systemic issues including upper back pain, numbness in the arms and hands, frozen shoulder, etc. This session will cover how to support the upper body and create healthier habits for our shoulders and neck.

Sunday, March 24th: Spine & Core

It’s said that the key to youth is a healthy spine. Disc and vertebral issues are common and over time wear away at the stability of our spine. Learning how to bend, twist, and fold with alignment allows us to enjoy the full range of motion our bodies are meant to experience. This session will cover how to create curves in the spine and what it means to use our core to support our spine.