Bliss Body Yoga

Fire Practice: Melting away Winter and Preparing for Spring with Jen Bluestone

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Join Jen Bluestone, E-RYT 500 for a fire practice to bring your body out of winter’s hiberation and prepare it to bloom again in the upcoming spring months. During the spring months, we watch how beautiful the world around us is, as it reblooms and grows once again. Leaving the months of winter behind, we were tend to spend time in “hibernation”, this practice will give you the spark to now move forward into the next season.

This Prana Vinyasa Flow class will include Kriya, arm balances and twists to fire up our inner spirit. Previous Vinyasa Flow experience is recommended.

To say “yes” means to allow a thought or circumstance to flower, to let go and expand. The trees say “yes” to every season. When spring comes, they say “yes” and they flower. Then summer comes and they say “yes” and become dry and thirsty. When fall comes, they say “yes”, change color and are ready to drop their leaves. To say “yes” means to surrender – to every thought, feeling and emotion. It means to let go, and letting go is a journey toward the heart.”

– Dr. Vasant Lad