Bliss Body Yoga

Sound Bath and Meditation Workshop with Melissa Hall


From: 5:45 pm – 7:00 pm



Come relax into the support of the Earth and bathe in sound-scapes lovingly crafted to nourish your entire being! This workshop is an acoustic journey that relaxes the mind, activates the body’s natural energetic healing system, and relieves stress and stagnant energy blocks.

Did you know that sound travels over 4 times faster in water than air. Our bodies are 70% water by volume

Water accounts for 99% of the molecules in the body

All of these facts combine to make us the perfect vessel for receiving the gifts of sound and using it to create a potent healing modality.

We will incorporate tuning forks, tingshas, and crystal bowls with a guided meditation into and out of the session. No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary – everyone is welcome. We will make ourselves comfortable on our yoga mats with bolsters, blankets and props to create a supportive and relaxing environment. We will remain in these restorative positions for the majority of the session. Please come well hydrated to take maximum benefit of this experience.

This workshop is subject to our workshop purchase, refund, and cancellation policy

Kid’s Yoga 6-week Series for 4-10 Year Olds with Renee Baker

 1/7/2020 – 2/11/2020

From: 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm


Tuesdays: 4:15-5:00pm

6 Week Series runs from January 7th – February 11th

Cost: $75

Class size is limited to 15 children

Parents: There are no refunds or make up classes for class absences/sickness. If we have to cancel class due to teacher illness or inclement weather we will issue refunds for missed classes. We do not follow Wake County weather cancellations. 

Parents who are late picking up children will be charged $10 for every 10 minutes they are late.

In this Kid’s Yoga series for 4-10 year olds, children will improve strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration through the practice of yoga. Through breathing techniques and imagery, children will learn how to find calm and focus and the ability to self-soothe. These classes are taught with one element in mind – fun! With music, props, games, books, partner activities and more, yoga becomes accessible and loved by children!

Parents/caregivers: we encourage you to leave your children in our care during the class and kindly ask that you do not observe the class.