Bliss Body Yoga

Momma Mini Retreat with Ellie Morris

Date: 11/24/2019

From: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm



Mommas and mommas-to-be: Come and treat yourself to soothing movement, breath and mindfulness practices, and self-massage. We’ll focus on unwinding the upper back and hips and gently strengthening the core and pelvic floor. We’ll start with a gentle flow to warm up and reconnect with our strength, then draw inward with stretch, massage, and restorative peace and quiet. Pregnant, recently postpartum and seasoned moms welcome!

Explore Your Core – see “Class Schedule & Sign up” tab to register with Megan Lott

Date: 11/23/2019

From: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm


Please sign up under the “Class Schedule & Sign up” tab for this offering. You can use your class pass, membership, or drop-in for $15 for this class.

So many of the everyday movements we make start from the core and move outward. Building a strong core can help improve your posture, stabilize your balance, prevent back pain, and prepare you for inversions. Whatever you’re looking to cultivate, a stronger core can help.

In this core-focused flow, you’ll move through many different postures that will work each of the muscles in your core. Don’t worry, you won’t be holding plank for the entire practice. You’ll move through the practice, stretch your abdominal muscles, and enjoy an extended savasana with gentle assists and essential oils.