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Bliss Body Yoga provides a safe, accepting, and fun way to begin or deepen your yoga practice.  Our classes are taught with expert guidance, compassion and intention. We encourage students to move at their own pace, honor their bodies and find inner peace. Join us in our beautiful, light-filled studio in West Raleigh for a blissful yoga experience.

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Get ready for Halloween with an energetic, flowing yoga practice with Autumn choreographed to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Costumes are encouraged, but of course, not required. The practice is best for anyone comfortable in a Flow Yoga class, and a few sweet treats (vegan and gluten free) will be provided after class [...]
Author: Bliss Body Yoga
Posted: October 9, 2014, 2:24 pm
Learn how yoga can complement and enhance your running. This extended practice includes an active flow to strengthen muscles you need for stability and support, deep stretching and restorative poses to aid in recovery and injury prevention, and breathing techniques to support your running. Register online. An avid distance runner since high school, Nancy began [...]
Author: Bliss Body Yoga
Posted: September 29, 2014, 4:24 pm
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